The Function of Art as a Means of Communication. The various functions of art as a means of communication are important things that we should know. In addition to offering beauty, art can also be a medium for communication. Some even say that communication is an art in itself. Therefore, it is not surprising that art can become part of a means of communication. Good communication must have a variety of criteria to support the effectiveness and efficiency of the process. However, art as a medium for communication does not necessarily have such requirements.

The Function of Art as a Means of Communication becomes a medium of communication with other forms and approaches. A person may uniquely convey his message so that the meaning in his work can be well received by the recipient of the information. Although sometimes some works require certain analysis. But at least from this, we know that art can indeed be used as a means of communication. The Function of Art as a Means of Communication

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Convey ideas or ideas

Certain ideas or ideas about a phenomenon can be done through a variety of existing works of art. A person can create works that bring up certain ideas he has. This will be translated into various forms such as paintings or other depictions. Basically, the new idea can then become an inspiration for others.

Delivering criticism

Criticism can also be conveyed to others in a variety of ways. We may have heard several kinds of songs that often “flick” the government with various existing policies. The song that was sung became a certain criticism aimed at the government or a party. Ultimately, art can be a great place to convey someone’s aspirations.

Provide a call-to-action

Invitation messages or something moral in nature can also be done using works of art. Many messages can be seen, such as when there is a drama or theater performance. Everything of course has a certain meaning or message that the audience can later take. This style of conveying messages or invitations can certainly be very beneficial for everyone.

Attract people to follow certain messages

Apart from some of the things above, the function of art as another means of communication is to attract people to follow certain things. In fact, this falls into the persuasive function of communication. We can see, for example, works in the form of posters, video public service advertisements, pamphlets, and so on. Basically, all of them are works of art that are used as media of mass communication.

Send new information

The last one is about how art can send new information. New information can be presented in beautiful work so that people will also be interested and quickly absorb the information. Creativity is an important foundation in the art to make all of that happen.

These are the various functions of art that we can observe.

Of course, the more works of art that are created, the greater the benefits of existing communication. Ideas from the creator will be conveyed through the artwork. The Function of Art as a Means of Communication