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What Support Is Available To Me?

The Mi’kmaq Cultural Activities Program will foster Mi’kmaq inventive and group cultural growth. This panel-reviewed utility-primarily based program will support Mi’kmaq community teams and organizations to promote and preserve Mi’kmaq tradition and heritage. The Mi’kmaq Arts Program supports the event and continuation of Mi’kmaq art types in the territory of Mi’kma’ki (Nova Scotia). Arts Nova Scotia acknowledges the particular wants and practices of the Mi’kmaq arts neighborhood and acknowledges a new funding program is required.

Draft a letter explaining why you suppose the government should support the arts, and why you assume this legislator should vote in favor of federal funding for the arts. While petitions and protests reveal public interest in the arts, individual letters present dedication and dedication to a trigger. Research on-line to see which members of government might be voting on funding for the arts, and direct your letter to … Read More