Introduction To Art History

history of arts

The Sumerians gave us ziggurats, temples, and lots of sculptures of gods. More importantly, they unified natural and formal components in art. The Akkadians introduced the victory stele, whose carvings endlessly remind us of their prowess in battle.

Art Nouveau, which interprets to “New Art,” tried to create a wholly genuine movement free from any imitation of types that preceded it. This motion heavily influenced applied arts, graphics, and illustration. It focused on the pure world, characterized by long, sinuous traces and curves.

The history of Malaysian modern art dates back to the many decades. While Malaysia has a wealthy cultural background, its crafts and arts are already properly-identified around the region which have been handed down for generations. However, the area of contemporary art is more modern the place among the earliest murals got here via from individuals like Yong Mun Sen, Khaw Sia, Abdullah Ariff and the likes … Read More