Art + Technology = New Art Forms, Not Just New Art

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Maker Faire Shanghai: Empowering China’s Students And Entrepreneurs To Invent The Future

This is a fun, simple-to-study program for experimenting with digital art with a simple-to-use interface. Fine Art experiences develop literacy, numeracy, and writing skills. Drawing and painting reinforce motor expertise and can be a method of studying shapes, contrasts, boundaries, spatial relationships, size and other math concepts. All literary magazines are in peril proper now, so if magazines similar to ours continue to exist will probably be due to a paradigm shift in how literature is funded as an art kind in the U.S.

Pop surrealist artist Ray Caesar works in Maya (a 3D modeling software program used for digital animation), using it to create his figures as well as the digital realms in which they exist. The picture of the pc virus Chernobyl, created by Ukrainian new media artist Stepan Ryabchenko in 2011. An installation on the … Read More