Recommended Latest Disney Movies You Can Watch on Disney +


The newest Disney movie that you can watch on the official Disney app is Mulan. Although it was scheduled to air in March 2020 yesterday, due to the pandemic, the legendary Disney film Mulan had to experience a delay in its broadcast period. However, for those of you who want to watch it, by subscribing to the service on the Disney + application, the Mulan character in this Disney live-action film is played by one of the famous artists, Liu Yifei.

In this film, it will tell you about a woman named Mulan. Mulan is disguised as a man, which aims to join the Imperial Chinese Army. This was done to defend his country against Huns. The disguise carried out by Mulan had to be done by him. This is due to prevent his father from joining the war. The reason is, the king has ordered that all his people surrender one male from the family member who is obliged to fight. This version of Mulan’s live-action is a bit different from the one in the animation. Because Disney takes more of the approach from the Legend of Mulan.


The next Disney movie recommendation that you can watch on Disney + is Onward. Here Chris Pratt and also Tom Holland act as voice actors in this animated film made by Disney Pixar. In the film titled Onward, the two Avengers players play characters named Ian and Barley. This film itself tells the story of Ian who was given a birthday gift by his mother. Recommended Latest Disney Movies You Can Watch on Disney +

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Artemis Fowl

The next list of Disney movies that you can watch on Disney + is Artemis Fowl. This film, directed by Kenneth Branagh, tells the story of Artemis Fowl II. Which is one of the criminals who came from Ireland. This 12-year-old boy goes on an adventure to find his missing father and also to restore his wealth. This fantasy-filled film is because Fowl has to fight against fairies who can be said to be quite dangerous. The adventure was not carried out alone, but Fowl was assisted by his trusted bodyguards and servants, namely Butler.


This Disney film, which is released in 2020, is perfect for you to watch in your boarding house when you have spare time. Being one of the new shows airing on Disney +, the film, played by Grace Vanderwaal who is the winner of America’s Got Talent, is one of the cheesy and light teen films to watch. Tells the story of Leo Borlock, who lives a happy life even though his father has died.

Secret Society of Second Born Royals

One of the best Disney films presented by Disney + is an interesting dish that you can watch to accompany your vacation. For the storyline itself, it tells about Peyton Elizabeth Lee who plays Sam. Which is a teenager who has a rebellious nature in the kingdom. Sam himself is the second child who is on the line to the throne of the Illyrian Kingdom. Even though Sam is not the successor to the throne of the kingdom, he is endowed with superhuman strength. So, one day he was invited to join an organization that accommodates the second child class of the royal family called the Secret Society. At the beginning of joining, Sam did not consider this organization a serious organization.