Functions and Benefits of Art for milenial, Art is a human work that is made from one’s own ideas and will, has aesthetic value, and can arouse the feelings of others. The term art comes from the Sanskrit word Sani and means worship, offerings, and services of worship which are closely related to religious ceremonies called art.

Functions and Benefits of Art for milenial

The functions are divided into two groups as follows, namely individual functions and social functions:

Individual function

  • Serves to meet physical needs

Basically, people are homofabers who can appreciate the beauty and use of things. Applied art refers to satisfying physical needs, so the comfort aspect is important.

  • Serves to meet emotional needs

Someone who has different qualities from others. A person’s life experiences greatly affect the emotional side or feelings. Humans can feel everything because it contains emotional impulses that represent the mental situation of normal people.

Social functions

Social function is a function of art that is useful for meeting individual social needs. There are various types of art functions as a social function, including the following:

  • Religious / religious functions

Artwork as a religious or religious message. Examples: calligraphy, Muslim / Muslim clothing, and spiritual songs. Art is also often used for ceremonies for births, deaths, and weddings.

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  • Educational function

Art as an educational medium can be seen in music, for example in ensembles because there is cooperation or Angklung and Gamelan also have educational value because they have social values, cooperation, and discipline.

  • Communication function

Art can be used as a communication tool such as social criticism, ideas, guidelines, and product introduction to the public. can be seen in shadow puppets, and theater arts or posters, comedy, and billboards.

  • Recreation / entertainment function

Art serves as a means of reducing boredom or relieving sadness, that is particular.

  • Artistic function

Art that acts as a medium of expression for artists when presenting their work is not intended for commercial purposes.

  • Functions (applied arts)

Artwork that is made without considering its use, other than as a means of expression (pure art) or even during the creation process, takes into account aspects of its use.

  • Health function (therapy)

Art as a health function, such as the treatment of patients with physical or medical disorders stimulated by music therapy (adapted to the patient’s background). Proven music has been shown to heal people with autism, the psychological trauma disorder at an event.

Various art groupings

– Art

Fine art is a form of human work that contains elements of beauty. Its beauty is absorbed by the sense of sight. Pleasure arises through the integration of elements of the form of the work, such as different colors, alternating lines, various forms of fields, the similarity of the objects they represent with their paintings, the thematic aspects they express, uniqueness, textures, and others. Whereas beauty in its simplest sense is something that gives someone who sees it selflessly.

  • Music Art

Music or sound art is art taken by the sense of hearing. The series of tones heard can give a sense of joy and satisfaction to those who hear them, because of the arrangement of a series of harmonious scales.

  • The art of dance

Dance is an art that is absorbed by the sense of sight. However, its peculiarity is the beauty of body movements, especially the movements of the feet and hands, with a regular rhythm that usually follows the rhythm of the music. Dance is also closely related to the visual arts because the movements shown are absorbed by the sense of sight.

  • Dramatic arts/theater
    Drama/theater is the art of acting or playing which is generally performed on a stage. This art is enjoyed together with the senses of sight and hearing.
  • Literary arts

Literary art is art expressed through the arrangement of various spoken and written languages ​​which can provide unconditional pleasure to those who read it.