Cultural Functions for Society. Culture always exists in a society that consists of several groups of people. In English, a culture which is called culture can be defined as a way of life for a group of humans who have been developed from generation to generation. A culture is formed through a process over many years.

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Cultural Functions for Society. Cultural discussion is not an easy matter. We will discuss something complex because culture includes human works of art, language, language, building models to the political system. With such a broad discussion, it can be imagined that culture is not formed from the thoughts of one person alone.

Culture is abstract. We cannot touch culture, but we can observe the results of culture that are born from the ideas and ideas of cultured humans. Usually, culture has certain values ​​that are considered sacred to a society. Culture reflects how advanced a nation’s civilization is.

Cultural Functions

With the existence of cultural manifestations that we can observe. Whether in the form of objects or value systems, culture has a big role in advancing civilization. Basically, culture functions to fulfill the needs of human life. To be more specific, Cultural Functions for Society:


It is a big mistake to think that closed clothes are out of date. Let’s think logically. Long ago around the Stone Age, people wore open clothes. The part that is covered is only vital organs or genitals. However, along with the development of the era that also advances the way of thinking of humans, the function of clothing is increasingly complex.


One of the basic human needs that cannot be denied is the need for housing. Board needs are met in the form of a house as a place to live. In the era of primitive human culture, their homes were in caves. So that many stone-age relics show evidence of palm prints on cave walls as the fact that human culture was limited to the existence of nature. Times have developed, human culture is also increasingly diverse. One of the human works which is the result of culture is a model of building and residence. Each civilization has its own characteristics of a home. For example, the civilizations of Ancient Egypt, Persia, and Java are of course different.


Traditional people use buffalo horns as a means of communication. Then some ideas and ideas arise based on the awareness of the limited ability of the buffalo horn as a two-way communication tool. Finally, people took advantage of the drum, gong, and kentongan as a means of mass communication. The human need for communication is getting bigger. They felt that communication by hitting gongs and the like could only gather people who were several kilometers away. The rest, no one heard the sound of the gong. Then civilized humans develop a higher culture. Initially through the service of postal pigeons which then switched to postmen.


It is the primary need for humans throughout the earth, namely the need for food as a source of life. Humans in traditional times used natural materials to meet their needs for food and drink. They do not do proper processing before consuming food and drinks. Consideration of health, the substances contained, and the taste of different foods after and before undergoing the perfect processing make humans think more advanced. They carry out a process of processing materials before consumption. Unlike the ancient humans who only collected food ingredients and ate them raw.